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 My first impressions of America.

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B. Jones

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Date d'inscription : 06/06/2011

MessageSujet: My first impressions of America.   Lun 2 Sep 2013 - 17:58

[Note : duplicata de mon RP d'introduction dans la section précédente car suites possibles à saveur RP]

Une lettre en provenance de Trinidad a écrit:

Good morning pastor Jeoffrey,

I write this paper with cheap watery ink I purchased in Trinidad upon my arrival. I was lucky enough to find a small ship to take a cabin on.
Its quite frankly a bit rank and creaky but its been good not to have to pay any type of occupational fees to the local fauna. Speaking of local fauna the people here are strange to me, far from what you see in Liverpool, even in the most outrageous neighborhoods. Walking the planks of this city is a bit like visiting the circus.
The dwarves, the animals, the excitement, the noise, the stench.
People moving around busily looking for a place where they can spend a couple of stones on whatever there is to spend on, markets are somewhat dry for instance I wasnt able to find any decent tea anywhere, I even suspect this merchant tried to sell me various herbs he found and tried to pretend it was drinkable, in either case I didnt buy any of it, you taught me well, better safe than sorry.

It feels busy in some weird kind of way, it feels southern and rural in a threatening way.
I dont really know what to make of it in all honesty, people here are more arrogant than I expected. Everywhere you go are these extravagant people wearing the most flamboyant clothing and speaking louder than average, they call themselves captains and fancy themselves as some kind of legends here.
I'm still unsure how that sits with me, it feels a bit overdone, these people seem fake as if they were giving someone a show.
From here on I intend to mind my own business, yesterday I asked someone for directions and they spat at my feet and blurted some drunken stupidity in a thick french accent.
Things about my mom better left unsaid (or unwritten), had they known my mother or my mother's mother.

Pastor I swear this is a trying experience unlike anything i've ever been faced with. Food is somewhat scarce and extremely ethnical, back in Liv you know how much of a sucker I was for Brenda's lemoncakes.
Dear friend it is a time passed. Brenda's cakes have no place here, Lord I miss her baking. Everything here is either meat or sauce or that bread made with corn flour that the natives trade to more adventurous ships against various goods.

This being said, theres a lot to go around. I've been filling up many moleskins of excellent descriptive material and I believe whenever I come back to Liv, I will do so with extremely cohesive content to make a book out of it. Unsure yet if it'll be a documentary work or fiction, people here seem to live their story anyway, fiction seems like such an obvious choice. The characters are somewhat tragic by nature, who would believe this to be reality if you knew the kind of queer birds I see on the daily.

This sums up my experience until now, its not an easy life to get used to, this place is so rough along the edges. I honestly dont know how long i'll make it here.
I know theres a boat coming from the company around february I might just come back on it if I cant get used to this new lifestyle.
I've lost a couple pounds, I have trouble getting used to the food its pretty spicy at times here around Trinidad, it doesnt sit very well in my stomach. Please dont tell mother she would just make bad blood over it, to leave you on a positive note the tobacco is outstanding here. I have been blowing smoke since I arrived, its rather soothing to do from the docks where I can see the people come and go.

I will write back soon, Regards from the new world.
Please pass this on to my loved ones.

B. Jones.

P.S : Will you please ask Charlie to send glasses on the next company ship, I've managed to sit on mine and the hinges are broken, I have had to improvise something with small rope and it looks rural if not idiotic, to say the very least.

P.P.S : I have been contacted by some captain of the crown called Jeremy Fox. He adressed me in dirty frog-breath language. When I replied that I didnt entirely understand his lingo he answered me with threats. May you please contact the magasinier at buckhingam and see if we can use our privileged relationship to verify if this fool is an official envoyee of the crown?
His behavior seems rather shady and he pretends to represent the royal family at the highest instances. I have my doubts that he may be affiliated with France and possibly plotting against the crown.
Please give this an appropriate amount of attention.

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My first impressions of America.
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